Carpet Fibres Explained

Carpet Fibres Explained

Wool is a natural fibre, well known for its warmth and durability. Wool carpets look good longer as they resist crushing and general soiling. The strong, soft fibre creates carpets that look beautiful, in a range of textures and styles in any room of the house.

Solution Dyed Nylon is a hard wearing fibre that retains its colour longer in high sun and heat areas in your home. Solution Dyed Nylon carpets are easier to clean stains that occasionally occur int he home. Look out for the new softer solution dyed nylon for a bit of luxury.

Triexta carpet fibre is a mixture of man-made fibre (about 63%) and corn sugar (about 37%). This fibre has excellent colour fastness, stain resistance and pile recovery for a lovely soft feeling under your feet.

Polypropylene is a fibre that has improved with recent developments in the manufacturing process. These carpets have a good stain and fade resistance with a soft feeling for a lower price.

Polyester carpets are less expensive with a good colour fastness and are soft and pleasant underfoot. Polyester carpets are less resilient to crushing to best suited to low traffic areas of the home.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fibre is made from recycled plastic containers and is considered environmentally friendly. These carpets can have longer pile which may require a specialised vacuum head to clean properly. PET carpets are soft and feel good underfoot.