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Interior Design & Decorating Otorohanga NZ

Do you not have the time to work on the interior design of your home? Do you want help to ensure the design is just right? We’re here to help at Murray Hunt Furnishers.

We have an eye for detail, plus they are skilled at matching concepts and ideas with the tastes and preferences of our customers.

Find out below more about the process of working with us. To speak to a member of our team, call us now on 07 873 8640.

Interior Design Otorohanga NZ

We can help you create the perfect look for any room.

We have an eye for colour and design and are happy to help you create a personalised look and feel for your space. We have an extensive range of samples for flooring, curtains, upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, and accessories.

This will let you see how our ideas will look in your room.

We personalise our service for each of our customers, but a typical process includes the following stages:



We talk to you to ascertain what you’re looking for. The things we will find out include your tastes, the style of room you want, and your budget.

Design Concept

We go to the drawing board and put together a concept. This is the stage where we will get to work, using our knowledge of design and the latest trends, and matching this with your preferences.

Working Together

We present the concept and work together to fine-tune to your taste. You can let us know any elements you like and those that you don’t so we can make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to ensure you get a highly personalised concept.

You Love It

You love the design plan and we work together to complete it. We’ll then finalise the design and can help you find a suitable decorator to make it a reality.

Live Happily Ever After

After the decorating work is complete, you can live in your space and continue to love it.


Benefit from the Interior Advisers Based in Our Otorohanga, NZ Shop

Whether you need a nudge in the right direction, confirmation that your choices are right, or a complete interior design service, we can help at Murry Hunt Furnishers.

In addition, we have access to the widest selection of furniture, furnishings, and homeware products in the local area, putting them in the ideal position to create a concept that you will love.

As well as giving you interior design advice, we can also recommend decorators who work in the Otorohanga area and who can make the design concepts that we come up with a reality.

Let’s get the process started. Call us today on 07 873 8640.