January 18, 2016

Pile Styles Explained

Loop Pile carpet is made when the carpet yarn is attached into the backing in a loop. These loops can be tight and low as found in hard wearing commercial carpet, or in different heights and colours forming interesting textures and styles. These carpets are hard wearing and don’t show footprints although you may notice the joins more in a textured loop carpet.

Cut Pile carpet is made when the carpet yarn is looped into the backing and is cut so as the strands stand straight up without the support of being attached to another strand. Cut Pile carpets feel soft and luxurious and come in a range of finishes ie short and dense with a tight twist means footprints are less obvious, less dense with a lightly twisted finish is very soft but will show every foot print, vacuum stroke and other movements.

Cut & Loop Pile is a mixture of cut and loop and gives real texture and interest to the look of the carpet.